Target Communication 101: The Walkie


As an insider on Target’s retail floor, I know how important communication is for smooth operations and a good guest experience. There’s a massive amount of activity occurring at all times. Our not-so-secret weapon is the old and reliable walkie-talkie. Nothing is more effective for keeping productivity humming at Target than the walkie.

aaeaaqaaaaaaaahfaaaajdu0zde5zdexlwrlzgitngrkmy04zmnlltnlogvlzmmzzwrmnwThe store I work at is huge. We’re a Super Target. No employee has the entire store memorized. Guests frequently don’t know where to look (sometimes they even forget what they’re looking for). The walkie enables us to effortlessly tap the collective wisdom of the store and quickly direct guests to the right aisle. When there’s a shortage of cashiers up front, it’s the walkie that enables a quick help response and gets shoppers on their way.

While customer service is our #1 priority, there are also products to stock, breaks to take, planos to set, vendors to call, spills to clean, etc. It’s easy to overlook the role walkies play in these tasks. Often only a handful of words are exchanged. The value becomes magnified when you add up all those exchanges. Every walkie conversation saves on search costs. Whether that’s searching for an item or searching for a team member you need to communicate with.

If mom-and-pop shops want to take down the giant big-box retailers, I suggest they start with the walkie.


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