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Recently I collaborated with a local artist and started selling apparel online. I started this project because I was impressed with his designs and thought they were too good not to be shared. And not just good enough to be “Shared” on Facebook. Good enough that people would put their money where their mouse is. The artist is currently working on other projects, and graciously allowed me to pursue this venture. Here are two of the designs I’m using:

black_background              lips-minneapolisst-paul

The design on the left is called “Lady of the Lakes”. It comes in several different colorways. The design on the right is called “Pucker Up”. As you can see, both are Minnesota-themed. I think Minnesotans will love these designs. Everyone likes reppin’ where they’re from. Plus they’re just awesome designs.

I quickly realized holding inventory would be cost prohibitive and risky. So selling to retail stores or on eBay wasn’t a reasonable option. I chose to focus on getting the designs out there and establishing a market for them—a proof of concept. Ultimately I decided to sell on Teespring. It required zero startup cost, allowed me to set up a storefront (instead of having to set up a website from scratch), and they handle all the inventory and logistical aspects of the business.

Teespring allows me to focus on marketing and promoting the clothing. On that front, I’ve set up a Facebook page ( and have run several Facebook ad campaigns to date. I’m experimenting and learning every day. For example, I realized it would be wise to put out more ads/posts featuring hoodies and sweatshirts, given my target audience and the season.

If you’re interested in buying or just curious, my entire collection of apparel and merchandise can be found here


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