Selling Resolution #2: Quit Chasing Maybe’s

The worst thing a salesperson can hear at the end of a pitch is “maybe”. That might sound weird. Surely “no” is worse. “No” means there will be no sale. It means you don’t make any money. While that might be true in the short run, in the long run “no’s” do lead to revenue. That’s because no’s free up valuable time to pursue other sales. And as we all know, time is money.

“Maybe’s” on the other hand, are a time suck. They offer a glimmer of hope, but direct your most valuable resource in an unproductive direction.

(Don’t be like Lloyd Christmas)

Consider dating. Would you continue to date someone who—after months of dinners and conversation— “maybe” liked you? If you’ve done all you can, move on. Don’t worry about the time you’ve invested. Don’t fall prey to sunk costs. The prospect can always come back. Instead, use your time pursuing other deals.


Note: This was originally published as part of a piece on the PandaDoc Blog. You can find that original post here:

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