Selling Resolution #3: Respect The Clock

Your prospect’s clock, that is. Just as you should always allocate your time wisely (and not waste it chasing maybe’s), respect your prospect’s time. I’m not referring to being on time to calls, remembering to send follow-up emails, or having a flexible schedule. You already do all that.

There are a few important things you may not be doing. These conversational adjustments may seem small in the grand scheme of things, but they’re easy to implement, and will only improve your chances.

For starters, clearly state your phone number at the end AND beginning of voicemails. That way, when prospects replay your message, they won’t have to wait until the end to jot down your number. It doesn’t matter how long your message is. No one likes re-listening to voicemails.

Another courtesy you can incorporate into the beginning of calls is to ask, “Did I catch you at a bad time?“ This tip comes from Aaron Ross, author of Predictable Revenue,

“This is my all-time favorite question for opening any conversation…It’s much better than “Is this a good time?” (No — it’s never a good time for busy people)…By asking “did I catch you at a bad time,” you are showing your respect for their time by asking permission to chat. It takes them off the defensive. It demonstrates that you’re not a sales jackass…this question is most useful with unscheduled calls, when the person isn’t expecting you (even if they know you).”

Finally, at an early point during your meeting, ask your prospect if they have any hard stops. The last thing you want is to run out of time or make your prospect late for their next appointment. It’s also valuable to know if there aren’t any hard stops. Why rush through your agenda if you don’t have to?


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