Selling Resolution #4: Be A Doctor

Prospects have access to more information than ever before. Anything they want to know is a click away. Today, buyers come to the table armed with information they used to depend on salespeople for. But that doesn’t mean salespeople are less important. If anything, the opposite is true.

Think of yourself as a doctor. Your customers are patients. They come to you because they’re in pain and need your help. As a doctor, you wouldn’t prescribe something before you know what’s wrong. First and foremost, your job is to listen. Only after you understand what’s bothering them do you make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

Nowadays, patients come in with more of their own information, opinions, and self-diagnoses. They’ve done their research on Google and WebMD.  So while listening is important, it’s also vital to remember who the expert is. Doctors don’t acquiesce to “well informed” patient opinions. They listen, answer questions, handle objections, and apply their knowledge to prescribe a solution.

Salespeople need to follow the same model. This requires having better command of their products, industry, competitors, etc. Since customers have easy access to this information, a huge part of the salesperson’s job is to help their customers make sense of it all.


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