Selling Resolution #5: Tap Into Emotions

Buying isn’t an intellectual decision. It’s an emotional decision. Usually, people only rely on intellect when they want to justify a purchase. Therefore it’s essential to tap into people’s emotions if you want to sell.

You can do this with positive and negative emotions.

Take the iPod, for example. When Apple came out with the iPod, they emphasized the emotional side of selling. Remember their ads with the dancing silhouettes? These ads didn’t promote the iPod’s functionality or practicality. They sold a lifestyle. A lifestyle that millions of consumers wanted to live. Contrast this with Microsoft’s Zune (maybe you don’t remember it). In many respects the Zune was technologically ‘better’ than the iPod. But it couldn’t compete. Apple was selling more than just a music-playing device.

You can also sell by tapping into people’s negative emotions. This involves identifying a pain, then removing and replacing it with a working solution. In many cases, pain looms larger in our mind than gain. Therefore, the key is not to emphasize (initially) what your solution can do. Instead, focus on what their current product/service isn’t doing. In other words, identify their pain. As David Sandler put it,

Pain is such a strong emotion that prospects will do anything to avoid it. When you get your prospects to feel pain, especially pain in the present, and then demonstrate that you can end their suffering and hurt, you’re a step closer to the sale.”

Remember, no pain, no gain!


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