Playing catch is one of my favorite things to do. It doesn’t have to be an intense throwing session. Light toss at 40 feet is enough. The benefits aren’t purely physical either. For me, playing catch is soothing in a similar way to walking. There’s something about the throwing motion, the steady back and forth, … [Read more…]

New Project

Recently I collaborated with a local artist and started selling apparel online. I started this project because I was impressed with his designs and thought they were too good not to be shared. And not just good enough to be “Shared” on Facebook. Good enough that people would put their money where their mouse is. … [Read more…]

Target Communication 101: The Walkie

  As an insider on Target’s retail floor, I know how important communication is for smooth operations and a good guest experience. There’s a massive amount of activity occurring at all times. Our not-so-secret weapon is the old and reliable walkie-talkie. Nothing is more effective for keeping productivity humming at Target than the walkie. The … [Read more…]

How I’m Breaking the Mold

I’m Reid Anderson, and I decided to take a different path after college. I’m participating in a startup apprenticeship program called Praxis. Recently I answered some questions about my choice. Why I Work Why did you decide to do Praxis? After college my plan was to attend graduate school and pursue a career in academia, perhaps … [Read more…]

My Story

I’ve always been a very inquisitive thinker. Like most kids, at a very young age I asked the question “Why?” incessantly. The sky is blue. “Why?” Look both ways before crossing the street. “Why?” You have to put on sunscreen first. “Why?” Don’t put that in your mouth. “Why not?” It’s time to go to … [Read more…]